I’m a writer¬†and a personal development coach working both with individuals and companies.

Here are a few highlights of what happened some time before today:

  • One of the 100 Global Coach Leaders receiving award at the World Coaching Congress in India Feb 2017.
  • I teach Engineering Entrepreneurship in the Industrial Engineering department at AUB. I also add a good dose of coaching for my students. Lucky them.
  • TEDx speaker on The Power of Distraction at the Sorbonne in Abu Dhabi (
  • Author of Life as a Leb-neh Lover: The Identity Crisis of a Maybe-Lebanese. Finalist in two categories of the International Book Awards and finalist in the USA Best Book Awards. Also won an award for best short story in a newspaper competition.
  • PhD with high distinction in Marine Optics from University Pierre et Marie Curie. Scientific publication here. (Warning, headache ahead!)
  • Master’s Degree in Ocean Engineering from MIT in Boston and B.E. in Electrical Engineering from SUNY at Stony Brook. I’m also an ICF certified co-active coach and a certified creativity coach. (Aaaand I’m a certified facilitator of several psychometric tools)
  • Education Note: Most of my education was on scholarship you guys. Yes I’m a nerd!
  • I’m half-Lebanese (mom) and half-Polish (dad) since you’re probably wondering about the name.
  • I’ve played almost every sport under the sun. I’m pretty much an outdoor adrenaline junkie!
  • I adore my kids, hiking, anything beach, and anything nature.
  • I’ve fallen in love with art, colors, paint and the magic of making colored marks on paper that turn into something recognizable.


Coaching sessions with Kathy are transformative. With her guidance I have unearthed many of my truths that I was previously not able to sit with. I have so much gratitude towards her and the coaching process.
– SK
Kathy’s coaching leads you to answers for questions you didn’t even know you had. Kathy and I formulated a goal I never even had the courage to utter and for that, I will always be grateful. Sessions with Kathy challenged me, gave me clarity, inspired me and left me very hopeful.
– Myriam

I have used Kathy personally and also hired her to work with a corporate team. Both experiences were exceptional. She wastes no time spotting the issues, helping you acknowledge and come up with an action plan while gently nudging you along. She is a giver and her engineering background i.e. finding practical solutions to problems, sets her apart as a coach. There is no beating around the bush with her!
– Sally

Kathy has been the constant beacon of light on my darkest moments of doubt and self criticism! There is no way I would be still on this LONG and tiring (she warned me!) journey to getting published! A constant source of support and perspective I highly recommend her as a life coach!

I was literally trapped in a transparent box watching everything I dream of out there, just couldn’t get out to reach it. Kathy held my hand and showed me the way out to be where I am now. Because of Kathy, I have an overwhelming feeling of peace, confidence, power, happiness and freedom. She taught me how to say the word NO to people, things, negative thoughts, fear and every single thing that held me back for years from achieving my goals and being the person I really want to be. Simply she did what everybody failed to do for so many years including family, friends and even specialists. Kathy is a beautiful combination of professionalism and kindness. I just can’t thank her enough for changing my whole life.
– Nayla B.

I have come across life coaches on numerous occasions and to me Kathy is in a league of her own. The combination of her professional skills, character and wonderful personality has given me what I have been looking for; more self-confidence, determination and the will to pursue what is important to me.
– Leslie

For me Kathy was the fuel station. Every time I slow down and run out of steam all I need is a session with her to raise my pace. Absolutely motivational, helps me dig deeper into myself.
– Joseph