I know you...

You were a soul warrior once. You worked hard and fought for your dreams, respectfully rebellious of public opinion. You clawed your way to a life that mattered and at first, life was moving in the right direction. Then, things started piling up.  

The work...

The routine...  

The responsibility...  

Despite your best efforts, it snuck up on you. That dreaded thing called survival. Without even realizing it, you went from making life happen, to letting life happen to you.  

You’ve been planning to put a stop to it for a while...  

You’ve been meaning to pull the breaks and step off the track for some time now but…  

There’s always a ‘but’ and it just hasn’t happened. YET.  

You’ve been waiting for the right moment. The right gap in your schedule. The right opportunity. The right carpet to unfurl itself in front of you…  

In your working and watching and waiting, something was lost... 

A dream was forgotten

A heart-ache was ignored

A soul was suffocated. 

I know because I've been there...

When you lose your self, you lose everything.

Have you had ENOUGH

Are you DONE waiting, watching, wanting

Are you ready to RE-ALIGN your outside to your inside and REKINDLE the fire you had for life?

If so, then this is the sign you’ve been waiting for.



SUBDUE that self-critic


FUEL the FIRE you once had. 

This retreat is about that... 



We Will...

  • Disconnect from the rush of everyday life and plug into our universal source of energy
  • Curl our toes into the warmth of golden sands and let salty seas lap at our feet
  • We’ll dig deep into the source of who we are and realign our outsides to our insides.  
  • We’ll take long morning walks on the sunrise-kissed beach and meditate to the sound of dancing waves
  • We’ll build sandcastles and play tag and relax in the sun-soaked gardens of our private villa.  
  • We will revive forgotten desires, learn how to find fuel in our fears and fashion our frustration into weapons against mediocrity.
  • We’ll soak homemade bread into virgin olive oil and savor full-bodied wines to the tune of the wind whistling through olive trees and dancing voices of like-minded souls.  
  • We will uncover the personal myths holding us back and rewrite them into odysseys that inspire us to action-taking and meaning-making.
  • We will gather around the warmth of evening camp fires and tell stories of who we were and who we will become
  • We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll hold ourselves tenderly and we’ll pactice raising our shield against anxiety and overwork. 
  • We will become fully, wholly and completely ALIVE!!!


Villa Neochori

Villa Neochori is located in a peaceful area of Neokhórion with sturdy mountains at its back and a secluded beach at its feet. This private, beach-front villa is set amid an earthy olive grove, has magnificent views of the Ionian Sea and tranquil gardens at its sides. Cozy, peaceful, simple and relaxing, this villa is the perfect home for our Back to Basics retreat. 

The 9-bedroom villa features tastefully simple decor. All rooms are air-conditioned, have minibars and a seating area. You can also expect sunlit windows and spacious balconies looking out either onto the azure ocean or the greenery of the olive groves. Get ready to relax and enjoy some time away from commotion, constant connectivity and crowds

Common spaces at Neochori are wide and diverse. Wander into the spacious and fully equipped kitchen for a snack or to the cozy living room for some journaling, join others at the breezy terrace for a glass of wine and a conversation or relax in the zen garden for some mindfulness or a chat.

 Meander through luscious greenery, wander along the untamed beach to the tavernas and bars close by, grab one of the free bicycles on the property to explore the local town or make your way down to the secluded beach where you can sink your toes in golden sand or take a dip in crystal clear waters.


Oh How We'll Feast! 

Scrumptious continental breakfasts served daily onsite will include freshly baked bread, just-pressed olive oil, the season’s olives, fresh, farm-to-table vegetables and the famous greek coffee.  

Daily light lunches served on site, filled with crisp, healthy ingredients, grilled meats and seafood and juices to keep you cool and refreshed.  

Self-service coffee, tea and snacks in the kitchen area will be available at all times

A family style welcome dinner cooked onsite by a private-chef with fish grilled to perfection, roast meats, steamed, seasonal vegetables and traditional Greek sides that will tantalize your tastebuds and get the conversation flowing.

The Last night BBQ dinner and closing ceremony where you will enjoy juicy barbecued meats and seafood, and exotic side dishes while we chatter away well into the night.  

On other evenings, we will explore the local tavernas and beachside cafes, savoring fresh seafood, crisp salads and aromatic wines from the surrounding regions. We will spend evenings sipping on anis-favored Raki and nibble on olive-oil soaked bread, immersed in laughter, conversation and the moment.


We'll Play...

With Earth

The element where foundations are built is earth. Clay is one of the most powerful mediums for self exploration and self expression. During our time together, we’ll get our hands dirty and our minds busy with a clay-working activity. Through touch, movement and the manual process of construction and deconstruction, clay working helps us to express suppressed emotion, reveal unconscious blocks, improve verbal communication and interpret symbolism. Let the self exploration begin! 

With Wind

For the wind element, we’ll be connecting with the powerful Gods of ancient Greece. We’ll be spending a day in Ancient Olympia, the original field of dreams, where the first Olympic Games were held nearly 3000 years ago at the sanctuary of Zeus. For more than a millennium, the strongest, fastest and most skilled athlete would compete for pride and prestige. Today Olympia is as beautiful as it is peaceful, and filled with wonderful artifacts dedicated to the ancient gods over the centuries that the games were held. What better place to reconnect with your dreams? It is in the field of dreams amid the winds of time where we will reactivate our dreams and call into service the vision of our future

With Water

Ok it’s wine but it was once water. We’ll be enjoying both wine and water at the Winery of the Year 2016: Mercouri Estate. We’ll explore this element that transforms into so many other states and evaluate quality for ourselves over a couple glasses of their best wines and a four course gourmet lunch served under the shade of pine trees. If you’re not into wine, don’t worry. They have cold-pressed olive oil made at their estate as well. Let's infuse our dreams with potent magic.  

With Fire

Fire is the element of current endings and new beginnings. Our last night will conclude with a beachside fire ceremony that marks the completion of our time together and the beginning of the rest of your life. The fire ceremony is usually a Native American practice used to release negative energy from the past and make space for new intentions. By releasing old patterns into the fire, you are healing at the soul level. As we move towards an expanding life, seek to shift our energy and create possibility, we will use fire as a symbolic marker of our growth



Understanding the elements you are working with and molding them into something that suit you. The retreat is broken down into four workshops, each one focusing on one element of life

  • DAY 1 - EARTH: This workshop is all about understanding your foundation; what you're built upon. We will explore your values and beliefs, we will reconnect with your inner child, we will understand how honoring your values can bring fulfillment into your life, and we'll discover how your past has shaped your behavior today and what you can do to change it.  
  • DAY 2 - WIND: This workshop is about the future. It’s about allowing yourself to be carried along with the winds of change and giving yourself permission to dream again. We explore how change can bring fear with it, and how that fear can be transformed into fuel for fulfillment and meaning. We’ll be doing this in the field of dreams in Ancient Olympia. 
  • DAY 3 - WATER: In this workshop we focus on soul-cleansing. The buddha said, “Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts.” This workshop is about shedding light onto your dark side. You will be introduced to the judge within you and work on transforming judge to self-coach and supporter rather than the destructive critic it often is. 
  • DAY 4 - FIRE: Nothing happens without action, and there is no action without the energy of fire to move you. In this workshop we work on developing tactics that will make life happen on our terms and we define the strategies that will move us closer to a life deliberately designed to bring happiness, fulfillment and meaning. We are the masters of our future so long as the fire of life burns within us.  


Your Gift Is...

  • You will leave this retreat with a renewed sense of self and what you’re about. Just like an olive tree that digs its roots deep into the earth, you will have deeper, more solid roots into who you are and what your life is all about.  
  • You will be free of the myths of your past that have dictated how and why you do things, and you will be able to move forward with a renewed sense of freedom.  
  • You will likely have a crystal clear idea of what you want your life to mean and you will have an iron-clad strategy on how to get there.  
  • You will step out of the shadows of self-doubt and self-criticism by knowing where your Achilles Heel is AND what to do about it.  
  • You will have a new tribe of friends and supporters who know and accept you as you are and who will be the greatest fans of your new life Odyssey.  


What's Included...  

  • Full accommodation in the room of your choice (based upon your registration request). Each room is designed to provide you with relaxing basics and private bathroom
  • Energizing continental breakfast served fresh from the neighboring village, including freshly baked bread, olive oil from the nearby olive-oil press, the season’s olives, fresh, farm-to-table vegetables and the famous greek coffee.  
  • Daily light lunches served on site, filled with crisp, healthy ingredients, cheeses, grilled meats, seafood and juices to keep you cool and refreshed. Vegan options available. 
  • Self-service coffee, tea and snacks in the kitchen area, including fruit, nuts and healthy granola bars to keep you energized between meals, while lounging in the villa garden or as you sunbathe on the private beach.  
  • A family style welcome dinner cooked onsite by a private-chef with fish grilled to perfection, steamed, seasonal vegetables and traditional Greek sides that will tantalize your tastebuds and get the conversation flowing.  
  • One restaurant lunch along the ancient culinary route after the vineyard visit (included) where we will experience the hospitality and generosity of Greek culture and the richness and diversity of Greek cuisine.  
  • Mid-week family style dinner at the villa, where we can relax, connect, catch-up and giggle about love, life and the things that make us we are.  
  • The Last night BBQ dinner and closing ceremony where you will enjoy juicy barbecues, traditional Greek cuisine and scrumptious sides while we chatter away well into the night.  
  • Four Transformational Workshops Facilitated by Award-winning coach and author, Dr. Katagyna Niewiadomska.  
  • One on one coaching and strategizing as needed provided by Dr. Jeremy Goldberg and/or Dr. Katagyna N.  
  • Cozy conversations in the villa garden, tea time on the terrace, sandcastle building and sunbathing on the private beach, laughs around evening fires and giggles while coloring, writing our personal myths, designing our odysseys and journeying into the depths of our soul
  • Lifelong connections with a like-minded tribe of people.  
  • BONUS: A private Facebook and/or WhatsApp group that will allow us to keep in touch, share goals and challenges, stay accountable and fill each other’s lives with encouragement and soul play.  

NOT Included are...

  • Your flight to and from Greece  
  • Travel insurance (just in case!)  
  • Pocket money for shopping, souvenirs and other expenses not mentioned in the list above.  
  • Alcoholic drinks outside of those included in the dinners and the winery visit described above.  
  • Dinner on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday, to allow you to explore the local restaurant and tavernas.  
  • Criticism, bad moods and other negativity.

Nothing can be 'learned' about the self. It can only be discovered.

Who's Guiding the Fun

Dr. Katagyna Niewiadomska

Katagyna is an innovation consultant, creativity coach, and award-winning author. She is also an ICF-certified coach nominated as one of 100 Best Global Coach Leaders in 2017.  

She has always been curious about people and creativity. She turned an Engineering Master’s degree at MIT into a research dissertation on how humans learn and while she worked on her PhD in Environmental Science she wrote a book that was a finalist in the international book awards and the USA best book awards.  

When she realized that her education didn’t fit with her values, she made the leap from working with underwater robots and writing software to working with people and writing creatively. Watch her TEDx talk on The Power of Distraction to find out more.  

As a coach, Katagyna helps people redesign their lives, unlock their creativity and become the heroes of their own story.  

She is a mother of three and believes that success in life is having freedom, love and creativity (in that order!). 

More at www.katagyna.com 

 Dr. Jeremy Goldberg

Jeremy's mission is making the world a better place by making kindness cool, empathy popular, and compassion commonplace. 

As part of that purpose, he writes articles, hosts retreats, facilitates private coaching communities, leads a tribe of 35,000 and creates spoken word poetry. 

He worked for governments and universities for over a decade, is an expert in human behavior, and spent five years studying how our brains influence our actions and wrote a PhD thesis about it. 

Jeremy is a spoken word poet who rants about love, life, and everything in between, a compassion-cultivating, day-making change agent and a TEDx speaker trying to make kindness cool. Watch his TEDx talk here.  

As an expert in human behavior, Jeremy will be holding space for us throughout the retreat as needed, helping us cultivate self-compassion and teaching us about self-love.  

More at www.longdistancelovebombs.com/

Elissar Akiki

Elissar is an International Event Management Guru. She is enthusiastic, fun and creative, bringing life and laughter to any event she accepts to handle.  

Whether she’s wielding her wand to bring magic (and proper planning!) to thousand-person weddings, slicing the schedule of social events or putting on her business hat to plan, develop and coordinate corporate events, rest assured that she’s got every hair in the details covered.  

Elissar holds a Masters degree in International Event Management from LeedsMet University in the UK and an an international medal for patience and understanding for dealing with countless bridezillas.  

Her secret weapon is creating the perfect environment for bringing people together into warm and authentic contact. 

With strong attention to detail and a razor-focus on transforming an event into an enjoyable experience, Elissar has turned herself into a sought after brand. 

More at plannedbyelissar.com

What People Are Saying...

"Katagyna, thank you for your teaching and inspiration! I am so grateful to know you and hope that we have many more travels together. I could not have made my shift without your help."

"Kat, meeting and learning from you specifically was a game changer for me this week. The way you think and present information in such an organized way made sense and I’m so excited to bring my creative warrior, judge, artist, explorer team home. That was sheer genius and is still blowing my mind. THANK YOU!!!" 

"You are the gentlest, fiercest, smartest woman I have ever met and I cannot wait to see how you alter the world for the better... Only to have your children take it to the next level. You are so well rounded you contain no edges... and without borders, you are infinite. Thank you for embodying it and reminding the universe what it is." 


For full accomodation, DAILY breakfast and lunch, three dinners, four workshops, 1:1 coaching on demand and three activities including a wine tasting, transportation and a life-changing experience you won't forget soon, your investment is

Double Room

2 Single beds

$1,850 per person

Early Bird Pricing

$1,700 per person

Couple Room

 1 Queen Bed

$1,950 per person

Early Bird Pricing

$1,800 per person

Single Room

1 Full bed

$2,300 per person

Early Bird Pricing

$2,150 per person

Early Bird pricing ends Feb 28, 2019

Registration Closes on April 15, 2019

“The more you explore yourself, the more you discover."

What People Are Saying...

"Kat! I love how you both stretch and include the group simultaneously. You’re gifted in oh so many ways, and stunningly beautiful! I love how you entirely light up when you smile. You magically find a way to draw people in with your eyes. I am so inspired by you and I love you!"

"Katagyna you are such an inspiration to me. You are wild, beautiful and wise beyond your years. I have learned so much from you in just one week. Thank you for creating and holding space for so much transformation. I am finally ready to step into my true purpose and I am eternally grateful to you!"

"Kat, you darling are a perfect Queen. THE example of the loving warrior. You bring the perfect balance to the group and I feel incredibly honored to know you."

"Katagyna - You have so much wisdom and insight and are such an amazing and inspiring teacher and role model. I am truly blessed to have been able to come here and learn from you. Thank you so much for having the courage and strength to continue your journey and share yourself."

True freedom is knowing who are and what you want.

Ready to Join Us?

Reminder: Only 15 spots available! 

Double Room

2 Single beds

$1,850 per person

Early Bird Pricing

$1,700 per person

Couple Room

 1 Queen Bed

$1,950 per person

Early Bird Pricing  

$1,800 per person

Single Room

1 Full bed

$2,300 per person

Early Bird Pricing  

$2,150 per person

Clicking on the button will take you to a secure checkout where you can pay either with a Credit Card or via Paypal. We never share or ditribute your private data. That would be rude. 

Early Bird pricing ends on Feb 28, 2019 at Midnight EEST 

Retreat Registration Closes on May 1, 2019

Early Bird Pricing Ends in :


Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Retreat be taking place? The retreat is scheduled for six nights and six days from May 18, 2018 to May 24, 2018. Hope to see you there!  

Is the retreat open to both men and women? The retreat is not gender specific. It’s open to both men and women looking to dig deep inside themselves and expand who they are.  

Can I come with my partner/spouse? Of course you can! Make sure you don’t stick to them to whole time though. Get out of your comfort zone and give each other space for exploration and self-expression. Evaluate if they need space or support and use evenings to debrief and catch up on growth and learning.  

Will I fit in with the people that will be there? If you’ve read the above page and nodded your head to everything you read, yes. Don’t come against your will just because someone suggested it or dragged you with them. We will be a community of supportive, like-minded people. Negativity and criticism is strongly discouraged.  

Do I get to choose my own room? The short answer is yes. You can choose the type of room you would like (single, double, couple) as long as those options are still available. For the Doubles rooms we will do our best to accommodate your request but obviously can't make guarantees.  

Are Payment plans available? Of course they are. If you really want to join us and need a payment plan, please email info@audacityactivated.com with your request and we’ll find a solution that works for everyone.  

What’s the investment for the retreat? See above in the Investment section.  

Are my flights covered in the investment? Flights to and from Athens are not covered. Please make your own flight arrangements to Athens. We will arrange pick up and drop off from and to Athens airport as long as the arrival times coincide with those of most retreat goers. We cannot accommodate arrival pick-up or drop-off if you choose to arrive to Athens before the 18th of May or stay on a few days after the 24th.  

What other activities will we have? There will be workshops in pottery, visits to local sites and wineries, playing on the beach and in the sand, workshops that will help you dig into yourself, one-on-one coaching with one of the facilitators if needed, and free time to relax and process what you’re uncovering, or to connect with other retreat goers and build some life long friendships. None of the activities and events are mandatory. You have to trust your gut on what to attend and what to skip so that you get the most out of this experience.  

How long will the retreat be? This is a 6 night and 6 day experience designed to maximize your self-discovery, deepen your relaxation, and recalibrate your soul.  

How many of us will be there? The retreat is limited to 15 participants only. Book your spot quick!  

Will we get a schedule beforehand? Yes you certainly will. Once the retreat closes (closing date is May 1, 2019) all participants will receive an email providing travel and accommodation details, schedules, workbooks and any other relevant information. Can’t wait to meet you!  

What happens once I sign up? Once you sign up and complete your payment you will receive a confirmation email that your spot for the retreat is booked. After the retreat closing date (May 1, 2019) you will receive an email update with all the relevant information you will need to make your trip. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to email us: info@audacityactivated.com.