Twelve Things I learned about Self-Activation This Year

This year has been an incredible year of stepping up and growing for me. I’ve hit many walls, figured out the workarounds, had some wins and some maybes and some big flops too. Through it all, here are 12 … Continue Reading

Why Choose Pain Over Fear

I catch myself doing it all the time. “Watch out you don’t fall.” “Be careful, you might hurt yourself.” “Get down before you scrape your skin off.”   It was only when my daughter said, “It’s ok mom, if … Continue Reading

How To Hold On To Childhood

It always strikes hardest at the beginning of summer when the kids are out of school and they haven’t started summer camp yet. The heat is rising, the sweat is running down my arms and the cherries and watermelon … Continue Reading

There Are No Superwomen

Do you see that woman who is juggling her two kids, the cleanliness of her house, the social life of her husband and a full-time job? Do you see the other one who is teacher by day, artist by … Continue Reading

Ten Things Great Parents and Great Entrepreneurs Have in Common

I don’t consider myself to be an entrepreneur, but as a teacher of entrepreneurship I am a strong advocate of developing an entrepreneurial mindset and applying it to whatever else you do in life. As a personal development coach, I consider it … Continue Reading

How Arab Parents Annihilate Their Children’s Entrepreneurial Future

School and society heavily impact how our kids behave and what they think, but the home environment totally takes the lead on what our kids value, believe and do. The messages we constantly receive as kids get ingrained in … Continue Reading

When Feeling Bad is A Good Thing

My 6-year-old daughter started out her day yesterday with, “Mom, my heart is crying and I’m not myself today.” I was impressed that she was aware enough to articulate what she felt and anxious to help her figure what … Continue Reading

21 Things I’ll Tell My Kids

1. FIGURE OUT WHAT MATTERS: What really matters to you? Knowing this makes every single decision in life easier. Make choices inline with the things you care about. Do people matter? Technology? Progress? Contribution? 2. MIX IT UP: Make sure your life … Continue Reading

A Love Letter To Women Without Kids

To all the women who do not have or do not want to have kids, thank you. Thank you for not having kids because people think you must. Thank you for not having kids merely because you have a … Continue Reading

Why I’m Not Trying To Raise Happy Kids

“I just want my kids to be happy” is one of the biggest parenting pit-falls we could slip into. Lots of things make kids happy. No rules and late nights watching Disney Junior make them happy, a mountain of … Continue Reading