Twelve Things I learned about Self-Activation This Year

This year has been an incredible year of stepping up and growing for me. I’ve hit many walls, figured out the workarounds, had some wins and some maybes and some big flops too. Through it all, here are 12 … Continue Reading

The 6 Ways We Fail Ourselves

It’s December 16, 2008 and I’m at a ski lodge in the Southern Alps with my husband. We’re sitting at dinner and there’s a fire crackling in the chimney. I defended my doctoral thesis in Marine Optics the day … Continue Reading

Why Choose Pain Over Fear

I catch myself doing it all the time. “Watch out you don’t fall.” “Be careful, you might hurt yourself.” “Get down before you scrape your skin off.”   It was only when my daughter said, “It’s ok mom, if … Continue Reading

Five Signs You’re Doing What You Love, And Five Ways To Help You Discover It If You’re Not There Yet

I’ve come across many people, and students especially, who tell me that, in their search for a career and something meaningful, they just don’t know what they love doing despite being good and capable at many things. Just like … Continue Reading

The Only Step You Need to Take Right Now

I heard once that 90% of people want to write a book but in real life, less than 1% actually do. Why is that? And if that’s book writing, how many unfulfilled dreams do other people have sitting in … Continue Reading

What is Behind Our Not-Enoughness?

I was in India last week to deliver a talk on failure. My talk was the last one of the day and just before the awards ceremony and I was presenting a concept that I’ve come up with to … Continue Reading

How to Cultivate an Obsession: Shelter the Spark

Do you guys remember Penelope Cruz’s role in Vicky Cristina Barcelona? She was the wild-eyed psychotic painter throwing buckets of pigment onto canvas and threatening to stick a knife into her ex-husband or his lover at every turn. Yeah, … Continue Reading

What Fuels Creators?

I am pretty much unemployable – in the traditional sense. In fact, most fulfilled writers, creatives and entrepreneurs eventually come to this conclusion either the easy way (never getting hired because they don’t follow rules, instructions, directions or orders and … Continue Reading

What It Takes To Be A Writer (Or Any Kind of Creator)

The Past My life as a writer started around the age of eight, when I wrote and illustrated my first ‘book’. That’s also when the anguish of being a writer began. To my critics (two older brothers and a … Continue Reading

Why Being Selfful is Important

Being ‘selfful’ is not like being ‘selfish’. First of all, there are no fish involved. And second of all, it is absolutely necessary in order to continue being fully your ‘self’. When I told my friends I was leaving for a … Continue Reading